10 Best Paper Shredder Machines For Office In India (With Buying Guide)

Back in the days, the people struggled to keep sensitive documents safe from unwanted people. That’s when the paper shredder machines came into existence. Be it the confidential documents like secret letters, secret business plans, national intelligence or internal information; everything can be destroyed with the paper shredder. The paper shredder machines are commonly used in the offices to get rid of sensitive documents and also paper waste. 

In the old days, many people used to tear or burn sensitive documents. But that was not the efficient way, as the competitors would try to get access to the trash and rearrange the torn papers to know more about the contents. Thanks to the best paper shredder machines in India, the paper gets shredded finely, and no one can reconstruct the document and the content. 

If you are looking to keep your business or personal secrets safe, then you should buy the paper shredder machine. Buying the paper shredder machine in India gives you the freedom from manually tearing the papers or magazines. Also, it helps you get rid of the paper waste with ease. As we bought the waste paper shredder machine for our office, we had to do the proper research for the same. While doing the research, we found a few great products that you should check out. In this post, we are going to share the list of the best paper shredder machines in India that you can buy from Amazon marketplace with ease.

10 Best Paper Shredder Machines in India

#1 - SToK ST-40CC 10-Sheet Paper Shredder Machine 

SToK 10 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder


  • 10 A4 Sheets Shredding Capacity
  • Credit Card Shredding
  • Cross-Cut
  • Overheat Indicator

SToK is one of the most popular brands that manufacture a lot of office accessories. The 10-sheet multi-purpose paper shredder is one of the bestseller paper shredder machines on Amazon marketplace. The SToK 10-sheet paper shredder machine has the capacity to shred ten sheets of paper at a time. The capacity is substantial and is useful for the offices that need to use the shredding machine frequently. 

SToK paper shredders can shred the papers even if you fold them. The maximum thickness of the papers should not exceed 0.6mm as per the on-paper instructions. But it easily manages to exceed the 0.6mm limitation for shredding the paper. It’s not just the paper shredder machine, but also the credit card shredder. You can shred the credit cards safely in this machine. Not just the credit cards, but it can shred the CDs and DVDs with ease. Although you should shred only one Credit card, CD or DVD at a time to avoid the technical issues. 

Instead of vertical cuts, the machine uses the Crosscut method for cutting the papers. It is the efficient cutting method to shred sensitive documents with ease. The big 15L storage bin is attached to the product to store the shredded remains of the documents. The storage bin keeps the shreds from flying out and messing the office premises. 

Just like any other electronic device, the SToK ST-40CC paper shredding machine gets hot after long use. If the temperature attains the dangerous levels, the machine automatically turns OFF and shows the overheating indicator. The protection system turns OFF the machine and protects the motor from any overheating damage. All in all, it’s a great choice for the small and medium offices. 


  • Can Shred up to 10 A4 Sheets at a time
  • Cross-Cut Shredding for better privacy
  • Can Shred Credit cards and DVDs too
  • Comes with Motor Overheat Indicator for preventing damage
  • Castor Wheels to move the machine around


  • Only Three Minutes working time
  • Machine overheats faster

Why is the SToK ST-40CC 10-Sheet Paper Shredding Machine a Great Choice?

The paper shredder machine is an essential office accessory. SToK paper shredding machines are suitable for the small and medium-sized offices, as they have the medium shredding requirements. The SToK ST-40CC shredder machine can easily shred ten sheets of paper at a time with ease. This helps the offices to shred a lot of papers within a few minutes. 

The best thing about this product is the overheat protection feature. When the machine gets overheated, it automatically shuts OFF, preventing the motor and the blades from staying safe under extreme heat. The machine automatically turns ON after it cools down to the optimum temperature. That’s why it’s a great product to have in the office premises. 

#2 - AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder Machine 

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross Cut Paper


  • Cross-Cut
  • 8-Sheets Capacity
  • 15.5L Trash Bin
  • Overheat Indicator 

AmazonBasics is the proprietary brand of Amazon. They have a quite good reputation for all of the office products. The AmazonBasics 8-Sheet paper shredding machine is a great product that is suitable for the home and small office users. If you are looking for the portable, simple to use and affordable paper shredder for the office, then this is the right product for your needs. 

The AmazonBasics paper shredding machine can easily cut through the 8-sheets of paper at a time. If the paper thickness is very less, then it can easily cut through multiple sheets. The cross-cut method shreds the paper finely and destroys all the information on the documents. Thanks to the sharp blades and the motor, it can easily cut through the paper clips and credit cards. 

It’s a portable and small paper shredder machine. It does come with the 12L storage bin, which is quite small compared to the other product. But, the storage bin has the transparent panel which shows if the container is full or not. You can easily detach the tray and empty the contents after it gets full. This product can work for two minutes non stop and then requires the 15 minutes break to let the blade and motor cool down. Even though the cooling time looks long, it is still better than the competitor products. 

If the product automatically stops due to overheating or the power failure, you can remove the stuck papers with ease. Also, the auto-start mode activates the shredder when you insert the documents in the machine. Overall, it’s one of the most affordable paper shredder machines in India for the offices and homes. 


  • Comes with 8-Sheets per batch capacity
  • Large 15.5L Trash Bin to store Shredded Pages
  • Can Shred Credit Cards with Ease
  • Angled Feed Entry prevents paper jams


  • Paper Sensor may Die due to Overheating

Why is the AmazonBasics Paper Shredder Machine a Great Choice? 

Usually, the paper shredder machines are used in the big office premises. The offices that frequently need to use the shredding machines get the same. But nowadays, home and small offices are needing shredders. To cater such customers, the AmazonBasics paper shredder is suitable. With the small, simple and portable AmazonBasics paper shredder, the small office and home users will get benefits. 

Just like any other industrial shredder machine, it comes with the advanced features. The auto-start and the auto-shutdown feature is the best one in this product. The auto-shutdown feature activates when the device gets overheated. The overheat protection automatically senses the temperature and shuts down the device to let the motor and blades cooldown. This is helpful to prevent damages and fire in extreme cases. 

#3 - Kores Easy Cut 826 Paper Shredder 

Kores Easy Cut 826 Paper Shredder


  • 10-Pages Capacity
  • P4 Level Security
  • Crosscut shredding
  • Silent Operations

 The Kores easy cut 826 paper shredder is one of the newest arrivals in the market. Even though it’s a new arrival, many people have already got this product and loved it. It’s one of the top-rated products on Amazon marketplace. It’s a stylish product that suits the home and office use. With the ten-sheets capacity, you can use it at the big offices for shredding the confidential documents. 

The Kores Easy Cut 826 paper shredder advertently cuts the documents. The paper is immediately turned into the confetti, which makes it impossible to rejoin and read the contents on the paper. The P4 level of security makes the documents impossible to read and ensures the safety of your private information. Unlike other paper shredders, the Kores Easy Cut 826 paper cutting machine is very silent. You won’t hear excessive noice from this machine while cutting the paper or even the Credit cards. 

All of the papers turned into the confetti is stored in the 19L trash bin. 19L is not exceptionally large storage, but sufficient for frequent use in the office premises. As it’s a professional heavy-duty machine, it weighs nearly 8 kgs. So, it’s quite difficult to carry it around in the office premises. You have to decide on one place and install the machine. You can keep it on the office desk, but moving it would be a painful task. 

The overheat and overload protection feature prevents any kind of damage to the motor and the shredder blades. The machine automatically turns OFF when the overload or overheat protection turns ON to save the machine from damage. All in all, it’s one of the best paper shredding machines in India. 


  • Cross-Cut P4 Level Security for Paper Shredding
  • Large Trash Bin to Store the shreds safely
  • Shreds 10 papers at a time
  • Comes with Loverload and Overheat indicators for safety
  • Accurate Paper sensor identifies paper input
  • 40-Minutes Running Cycle


  • Nothing

Why is the Kores Easy Cut 826 Paper Shredder a Great Choice?

Kores Easy Cut 826 is a heavy-duty professional shredding machine. It is great for office use as it can handle the heavy loads. The best thing about this machine is the shredding cycle. Unlike other machines, it doesn’t need any rest after 2 minutes of usage. But it can continuously work for nearly 40 minutes. For professional use, it’s a great thing as more the running time, more the productivity and safety. 

Also, overheat, and overload protection helps to prevent any internal damage to the machine. There is an overload and overheat indicator LED, which indicates if the feature is ON or not. In short, it’s a great machine for very affordable prices for the offices that have huge paper shredding requirements each day. 

#4 - GBC Duo Cross Cut Paper Shredder 

GBC Duo Paper:CD:Credit Card Cross Cut Shredder


  • 2.5M Per Minute Shredding Speed
  • Auto Oiling
  • 17L Trash Bin
  • Strong Blades

The GBC Duo is a high-end paper cutting machine in India. It’s an American product, which is suitable for heavy loads in the big office environment. The GBC Duo is a professional automatic paper shredder that shreds the paper in a cross-cut manner. The shreds are nothing but the confetti when they pass through the blades of this machine. For the offices that have to shred super-sensitive information, this is the best product for fulfilling the requirements. 

The shredding capacity of this machine is 10-11 sheets at a time. The product can easily shred through the paper clips and stapler pins. The normal A4 size papers are supported by this machine. You can shred bigger papers and documents by folding and then putting in the machine. The auto-start feature automatically enables when you take the paper near the machine. The high-grade steel blades can easily cut through the credit cards, but the CDs.

The product is just like any other paper shredder. It requires 45 minutes of resting time after two minutes of continuous usage. If you are in a highly air-conditioned office, then the machine cools down faster, and you can start shredding in no time. This specific model supports shredding 10-11 pieces of paper at a time. But there is a version that can shred nearly 13-14 papers at a time. So, if your needs require more capacity, then you can choose the same version. 

For storing the cross-cut paper trash, there is a 17L storage bin with the transparent window. You can peak through the window and check if the bin is full or NOT. This 17L storage bin can store the shreds of nearly 100 papers with ease. So, you don’t have to frequently empty the bin. The pricing of this product may seem expensive, but the perks and the feature-set offered by this product is unmatched. 


  • Good Shredding Capacity of 10 Sheets per batch
  • Strong Blades to Shred Papers, Credit cards, and CDs.
  • Big Trash Bin to Store 100 Paper Shreds


  • Overheating problems reported
  • Poor Customer Service

Why is the GBC Duo Cross Cut Paper Shredder a Great Choice?

The American brand GBC is known to manufacture a lot of high-quality office products. Paper shredder is one of the best products of the company. The GBC Duo is a heavy-duty paper shredder machine that is suitable for office environments. It’s not worth the money for personal shredding needs. 

The best thing I found about this product is paper shredding capacity. It can shred 10-11 papers at a time. If you have some thin papers, then the same machine can shred more papers. The shredding capacity is very big compared to the other devices, making it one of the best for office use. 

#5 - Bambalio BCC-014 Heavy Duty Multipurpose Shredder 

Bambalio BCC-014


  • 3 Minute Cycle
  • Cross-Cut Shredding
  • Paper, DVD, and CC Shredding
  • 18L Waste Bin

Bambalio is also another popular brand in the office accessories market. The company produces a lot of office-related products. The Bambalio BCC-014 heavy-duty, multipurpose shredder is one such amazing product. This product is useful for heavy use like we do in the office. It’s not suitable for personal use, as it is an expensive and high-capacity machine. 

Bambalio BCC-014 heavy duty paper shredder has the standard capacity. It accommodates only eight pieces of paper at the same time. Considering the shredding speed and the resting time, it’s quite enough. Not just the papers, but it can shred the Credit and Debit cards, CDs, DVDs and thick plastic ID proofs that we get from the government or the offices. You can continuously use this machine for three minutes. After that, it requires thirty minutes of rest. If you have the proper air ventilation near the machine, then it will cool faster and the resting time will be reduced drastically. 

Bambalio BCC-014 heavy duty paper shredder comes with the 18L waste bin. The waste bin can handle more than 100 papers at a time. You don’t have to frequently empty the paper waste bin. Also, the machine automatically shuts down if it gets overheated. There is no chance of electrical damage due to overheating. Overall, it’s an affordable paper shredding machine in India. 


  • Comes with the Auto Shutdown feature for overheating
  • Eight pages shredding capacity per batch
  • Crosscut shredding for safety
  • Comes with Power Saving Mode


  •  Poor After-Sales Service 

Why is the Bambalio BCC-014 Heavy Duty Paper Shredder a Great Choice? 

There are only a few good paper shredder machines in India. Most of the machines that we find are manual machines that do not work well. The Bambalio BCC-014 is a great machine that is suitable for heavy workloads. It is one of the most power-efficient paper shredder machines. It does not consume a lot of electricity, even in the heavy loads. 

Also, the product comes with the one-year manufacturer warranty. Any manufacturing defects are covered under warranty. Fortunately, there are multiple service centres of Bambalio in India, which will help you redeem the warranty and get your product repaired with ease. 

#6 - GoldStandard USA Cross Cut Paper Shredder 

Goldstandard USA Cross Cut Paper Shredder


  • Quick Shredding 
  • Crosscut Level 3 Shredder
  • Auto/OFF/Rev Modes

Are you looking for a stylish, affordable and multipurpose paper shredder that effectively destroys the confidential documents? Goldstandard USA Crosscut paper shredder does exactly the same job with ease. The cross-cut method used by this product protects all the information on the confidential documents. According to the FACTA compliance norms, this product provides the Level 3 security for shredding. 

As it’s a high-end product, it’s suitable in the offices. Goldstandard USA Cross Cut paper shredder is the smallest device that can shred the documents in the size of 320mm pieces. This device is very powerful and can immediately shred the paper. It only takes a few seconds to destroy a normal A4 size paper. The single input requires you to insert the eight A4 size papers at a time. The capacity looks really less compared to the other brands, but the speed makes all the difference. 

The speed of sixty papers per minute is commendable. Not just the papers and documents, this product is capable of turning the CDs, DVDs, ID proofs and Credit cards into small pieces. Although it destroys the CDs, DVDs and Credit cards in only four pieces, it’s enough to make all the content inaccessible. The 15L waste bin has two separate compartments. The one-compartment accommodates the paper waste, and the other holds the CD, DVD and credit cards waste. 

This device has the feature that many other products are missing: the Auto ON/OFF and reverse mode. The reverse mode enables the users to remove the documents directly from the bin before they are shredded. Also, if the power failure stops the machine, you can simply remove the documents to avoid others getting access to it.


  • Eight sheets Shredding Capacity Per batch
  • Separate Shredding slot for CDs and Credit cards
  • Level 3 Cross Cut shredding for utmost security
  • Big Trash Bin with Separate Compartments


  • Frequent overheating
  • Few users are reporting paper jamming

Why is the Goldstandard USA Paper Shredder a Great choice?

The shredding capacity is the biggest factor that anyone checks before buying the paper shredding machine. The Goldstandard USA paper shredder has the capacity of eight pages at a time. This seems a little bit low according to the business needs. But, the speed of shredding of this machine is very high. The best thing about this machine is the shredding speed of 60 papers per minute. Even if it shreds for three minutes straight, you can shred nearly 180 confidential documents with ease. 

Not just this, but the machine is very lightweight. It weighs only 3.1 kg, and you can take it anywhere you want in the office. You can even keep it on the desk. Also, the product comes with the overheat protection feature. It automatically turns OFF the machine in case of overheating. All in all, it’s a great product for office use. 

#7 - Albecy Mini Portable USB Paper Shredder

Aibecy Mini Portable USB Paper Shredder


  • Highly Portable
  • Strip Cut Shredding
  • Small Trash Bin
  • Three-Position Switch Slider Control

If you are looking for a portable paper shredder, then the Albecy Mini Portable USB paper shredder is the best one for your needs. This product is versatile, as it comes with the dual power mode. It can run easily on the 4XAA batteries or even on USB power. Just connect it with the USB power sources like a Laptop or power bank, and you'll be able to start using this paper shredder. 

This mini paper shredder comes with a unique letter opener. It's very useful to securely cut the sides of the envelope to open the contents. This will help the office employees to securely open the confidential envelopes without damaging the contents. Albecy paper shredder is highly portable, so it has less shredding capacity. You can shred only two A6 size papers or a single A4 paper at a time.  

For the safety and confidentiality of the customers, it uses the strip cut technique. Although it's not that efficient, it works perfectly fine for shredding nonconfidential documents. To control the machine, you get the three-position ON/OFF/REV slider switch, which is quite useful. To store the shreds, you get a small trash bin for convenience. It's the best one if you don't have much shredding requirements or you're always on the move. 


  • Highly Portable Mini Paper Shredder
  • Efficient Strip Cut Techniques to Cut confidential documents
  • Letter opening is easy with a secure envelope opener
  • Works on 4XAA batteries and Also on USB power


  • Very less Shredding Capacity
  • Doesn't shred CD, DVD, and Credit Cards 

#8 - Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder 

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder


  • 14-Sheets Shredding Per Batch
  • Cross-Cut Shredding
  • P4 level security
  • Silent Operations
  • SafeSense Safety Technology

If you want a heavy-duty paper shredder machine that has good capacity and also better speeds, then the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci paper shredder is one of the best products for your needs. It comes with a high capacity of 14-sheets per batch. For official use, it's the best paper shredder in India. With the crosscut shredding and P4 level security, it becomes easier for you to use it to shred confidential financial documents.

Unlike the other paper shredder machines, the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci comes with a 100% jam-free system, which prevents any kind of paper jamming. Also, the blades and sensors won't require any manual cleaning. For the safety of the users, it comes with SafeSense technology. It automatically shuts off the machine if it senses the fingers near the blades. This is the best thing about this product as it prevents accidents. 

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci paper shredder machine can shred for more than 12 minutes continuously. It requires nearly 30 minutes of rest time, and after that, it works flawlessly. In the office environment, the silence is appreciated. With the SilentShred technology, you won't hear any sound of this machine shredding the papers. Not just that, it has the auto-shutdown feature for energy savings. All-in-all, it's one of the best products for heavy-duty office use. 


  • Heavy-duty Paper shredding machine for office
  • P4 level security for shredding sensitive documents
  • SafeSense Technology to protect accidents
  • Automatic Shutdown for Inactivity for power savings
  • Shreds for more than 12 minutes


  • Very Expensive Product

#9 - Home-X Hand Crank Manual Paper Shredder Machine 

HOME-X Hand Crank Paper Document Shredder


  • Manual Hand Crank Shredder
  • Portable Design
  • Durable Plastic Construction

For the ultimate budget lovers, this Home-X Hand Crank Manual paper shredder machine is one of the best paper shredders. It comes with manual operations, which means it doesn't require any kind of electric power to run efficiently. It comes with a hand crank, which you can rotate to shred the inserted papers.  

This machine is very portable and is made of durable plastic. The blades are made of steel, and they are very sharp. Shredding 70-7GSM papers is a cakewalk with this shredding machine. It can also shred the thick craft papers. The only issue with this machine is that it has less shredding capacity. It can only shred two papers at the same time.  

As this is the portable hand crank paper shredder, it uses the strip cut method to shred the paper. It's not the safest method but suitable for casual use. For storing the shreds and avoiding messing up your desk, it comes with a transparent plastic trash bin. As the bin is transparent, you'll get to know how much it's filled. It's not suitable for everyone, but for those who are low on budget and have less shredding requirements. 


  • No Need for power as it uses Manual Hand Crank Method
  • Works well with even thick craft papers
  • Durable plastic with a portable design for easy carrying
  • Strip Cut shredding for casual usage
  • Heavy-duty blades won't heat up


  • Requires extra forces for shredding two layers of documents
  • It takes time to shred the papers
  • Doesn't shred the Credit cards or DVDs

#10 - Sentinel FN100P On-Guard Paper Shredder Machine 

Sentinel FM100P On Guard 10 Sheet High Security Microcut Paper


  • Micro-cut shredding
  • 11.5L Trash Bin
  • Overheat protection

Just like the Fellowes PowerShred 79Ci shredder, this is another high-end heavy-duty machine for heavy office use. The Sentinel FN100P on-guard paper shredder is specially made for serving the heavy office usage. It comes with a beautiful and slim design, which will suit almost all of the office desks. Only the people with no taste in aesthetics will hate the design.  

As it's meant for office use, it shreds the paper in micro0cut. With the micro-cut, the papers are shredded in fine shards, which is the most secure way to do so. In short, you can even shred financial documents. Another best thing about this product is that it can easily shred more than 10 to 12 pages per batch. Also, with the 11.5L trash bin, you can avoid micro-shredded papers making their way on your desk.  

For the safety of the users and the machine, it comes with overheat indicators. The indicator light flashes when the machine is overheated. You have to stop using the machine to prevent motor overheating and damages. As you may think, it can easily shred papers, DVDs, and credit cards with ease. That's why it's suitable for heavy-duty office use. 


  • Super slim and beautiful design
  • Higher confidentiality with micro-cut shredding
  • Big trash bin with transparent window
  • Shreds thick papers and credit cards too
  • Suitable for heavy-duty office use 


  • Noisy operations
  • Expensive Product

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1 - Are Paper Shredders Worth it? 

 Yes. Paper shredders are worth using in the office environment. As most businesses require pure privacy and confidentiality, they cannot throw away the essential documents. That's why using the paper shredders make it easier to shred and discard the same. It reduces the chances of leaking the sensitive data of the business. In short, the paper shredders are worth every penny you spend on it. 

#2 - Do paper shredders use a lot of electricity? 

No. The paper shredders are lightweight and energy-friendly machines that don't consume a lot of energy. Most of the paper shredders come with the energy-saving mode, which allows you to save some electricity. Also, there are some paper shredders, which are manual and won't require any kind of electricity. 

#3 - How often should I oil my Paper shredder? 

The paper shredders require regular oiling. If you think that the paper shredder machine is experiencing difficulties while shredding the papers, then you should clean the interior and oil it gently. This will help you reduce the friction and shred papers easily.  

#4 - Which is a better cross-cut or Micro-cut shredder? 

Crosscut shredders cut the papers into square pieces. It makes it difficult to read. But the micro-cut shredders shred the paper very finely, making it impossible to read. Also, the cross-cut shredders create more mess, where the micro-cut shredders create less mess. That's why the micro-cut shredders are the best ones. 

#5 - How long should a paper shredder last? 

Taking care of any electronic equipment is essential. If you use the paper shredders accordingly and take proper care, then it would last anywhere between three to five years with ease. 

Best Paper Shredder Machine - Buying Guide

best paper shredder machine in india - buying guide

Paper Shredder is nothing but the machine that shreds the paper. Paper shredding is prevalent in the offices, where the confidentiality of the documents has paramount importance. The paper shredder machines shred important documents to get rid of the same. That’s why they are commonly used in corporate environments. 

#1 - Type of Shredding 

Paper Shredder machines can cut the documents in different types. Different machines support different shredding types. There are cross-cut, fine-cut, micro-cut, and Strip-cut shredding options available in the machines. For home usage, the cross cut and strip cut options are suitable. As you will not emphasize confidentiality at home, you will be satisfied with the cross cut and strip cut.  

But, in the corporate environment, confidentiality is very important. That’s why for office use, the fine cut and micro-cut paper shredder machines are useful. Make sure to consider what type of paper shredding will be useful for your needs, and then proceed by shortlisting the right machine types.

#2 - Shredding Speed 

You don’t want to waste your time waiting for your documents to get shredded safely. Every moment is valuable in the office environment, and you should not waste your time on slow paper shredding machines. Ideally, a paper shredding machine should not take more than a few seconds to shred a single piece of paper. Time may increase in case you’ve inserted the thick paper for shredding. But it should not be more than a few seconds. 

There are only a few machines that offer exceptional shredding speed. For office use, paper shredder machines should have high shredding speed. Also, you should check if the machine is sacrificing shredding quality. If that’s the case, then it’s a matter of concern, and you should ignore such a machine. If you are buying the machine for home usage, then having lesser shredding speed will not be an issue.  

#3 - Run Time 

Paper shredder machines use high-quality, sharp cutters to cut through the papers and even other materials. The cutting process causes friction, and that generates heat. To prevent any damage or fire, the machines usually have to be rested. Most of the paper shredder machines will have to work for five to fifteen minutes, and then they will take rest for more than an hour. Having the run time up to fifteen minutes is a good thing, and you should consider the machine having a similar running time. For home usage, such running times are suitable. 

There are some big and high capacity paper shredding machines available in the market for commercial usage, which have a running time of half an hour, which suits the corporate requirements. 

#4 - Capacity 

When we say Capacity, we mean to look at the paper shredding capacity in a single batch. If you have to shred a bunch of documents within a few minutes, then it will not be beneficial if the machine shreds only a single paper at a time. That’s not ideal even for home use as it will take a lot of time. You should consider the shredding capacity of the machine first. The higher the shredding capacity, the better it will be for you. The normal paper shredding machines for home use can cut nearly 10-15 pages in a single batch. The professional paper shredding machines can shred more than 20 pages in a single batch.

We agree that paper size affects the shredding Capacity. But, you should be able to shred at least 15 pages in small machines and 20+ pages in high-end paper shredding machines. Also, consider the types of materials you can shred. Shredding the optical discs, thick cardboard, and other materials is an added advantage. 

#5 - Noise 

We all admit that paper shredding is not a silent task. But we can ensure minimum noise while tearing the papers. No one loves the noise, and you should not be choosing the noisy paper shredding machines. While choosing the best paper shredding machines in India, you should first check the specifications and notice the noise levels. You don’t want your machine to be super noisy that does a slow job and makes more noise than required. Having a machine that makes almost no noise and shreds paper faster is the best thing. 

#6 - Storage Capacity  

All of the paper shredder machines come with a storage bin that stores all the shredded documents and other materials. Having a large bin for storing all the shredded documents safely is essential. Usually, the small machines intended to use in the house have a small storage bin with a capacity of 30-40 liters. That’s enough as we can easily shred and store a lot of paper shreds in the bin. Also, we don’t have to frequently clean the storage bin at home. 

For office uses, the machines have a big storage bin with more than 100 liters. That’s sufficient. As the office paper shredder machines have to be cleaned daily due to privacy concerns, the 100 liters storage bin is quite sufficient. Still, you should consider buying a machine with bigger storage than 100 liters for added convenience. 

Final Words

Confidentiality is essential in business and personal life. It is not wise to share all your secrets with others as they might exploit the same, creating chaos in your business or personal life. Keeping the hard copies and the evidence safe from the other people is a very critical point that you should not consider. With the same need, the paper shredder machines were invented. 

To protect sensitive information about the business from the competitors, many businesses prefer destroying the documents with the paper shredder machines. There are numerous paper shredding machine brands available in the market. But choosing the best paper shredder in India that fulfils the needs is really important. We’ve shared the detailed information about the best paper shredders in India, that are suitable for the offices and the personal use. Before choosing the best machine, you must assess the needs and budget and then get the best machine that fulfils all the parameters. 

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